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We are sad to announce that we are ending our production of Christmas and greeting cards.

This has been under consideration for a few years, as proceeds have reduced.

These cards have paid for the education of many Homes children, and we are pleased that funds in hand are sufficient to support our three current scholarship children through their school careers.

We do have some remaining card stock, and purchases of these would be very welcome.


Christmas Cards -   Two designs are available: Robins on a Sleigh and The Arrival of the Kings

Blank cards -            In four designs:   Langur, Lilium Côte d’Azur, Light of India and Golden Temple

Post Cards -              Packs of three from the collection of Sophie Pattinson

To see pictures of the card please click here


TO PURCHASE                   Please email Caroline Abel on    or write to her at 31 Sistova Road, Balham, London SW12 9QR

Your support will make a real difference to the children of Dr. Graham’s Homes