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Homes Birthday Present

For more than 50 years, each year I, and I suspect many others, have celebrated the Homes’ Birthday on 24th September. This, for me, was initially at the Homes with the children. Since then, each year, I've sent a message of good wishes.

Recently, it struck me that I've NEVER thought of sending the homes a Birthday Present! I'm now 50 years in arrears and it is ‘Payback Time’!

I am pleased to say that with the support of our Trustees/Directors, we will soon be launching ‘A GLOBAL BIRTHDAY APPEAL’ to encourage all Friends, Supporters and Former Students to make a Birthday Gift to the Homes along with their good wishes.

Many cottages and classrooms are in desperate need of repair and renovation, and money raised will be used entirely for this in order to re-create a Homes fit for purpose. The Board in Kolkata has enthusiastically agreed to this Appeal.

Full details will be released later this summer. Perhaps in the meantime, you might consider setting money aside for your Birthday Gift?!

With every good wish

John G Webster and the Trustees

Your support will make a real difference to the children of Dr. Graham’s Homes