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TEAM TIBET – Home away from home

Thuten is a Tibetan OGB living in New Zealand and a life-long supporter of the Homes and the mover and shaker of the NZ Dr Graham's Homes committee.

A documentary is in production of Thuten's lifetime support of Tibet, but a little final funding is required to complete the project. If you can help, Thuten will be very grateful.

To watch a video of the project please click here.

Tibet as seen through my eyes

In early 2010, Robin asked me to be the subject of a documentary about Tibet “as seen through my eyes”. I agreed as long as the bigger picture of what is happening in Tibet was clearly shown. Over five years, we have recorded many Tibet related events that have taken place in New Zealand and I am joined on film by many interesting people including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Our hope is to finish the film in time for the Aukland 2017 International film Festival which will coincide with the 50th anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand. Robin has a good track record and this will be her sixth documentary film.”

We are asking for financial help from friends to enable Robin to complete the production process.

The target is about £14,000 and a quarter has already been raised.

To pledge a contribution, please click here.

This appeal will run for two weeks only and if the full amount required is not raised then sadly the project won’t be completed. Any money you pledge will only be taken once the project is confirmed.

UPDATE from Thuten Kesang

Dear Friends and supporters

Thank you very much for your generous support of Team Tibet.

Our aim was to raise NZ$24,000.00 in 24 days.  With your help, we reached the target in 23.5 days.  Thank you all so much!  Our goal now is to finish the editing in time for the World Premiere at the New Zealand International Film Festival in July 2017.

This is also the 50th anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand.  I will keep you informed of progress.


I take this opportunity to wish you A Happy New Year!

Best wishes and Tashi Delek

Thuten Kesang

Your support will make a real difference to the children of Dr. Graham’s Homes