It costs approximately £1,500 a year to look after all of the needs of a supported child at the Homes. Most sponsors make a monthly standing order for £100 and we reclaim giftaid to cover the full amount. Each sponsorship is personal. You will be supporting a named child through their education, and if you wish, beyond. Many of our sponsors are individuals. We are very grateful to one in particular, who has consecutively sponsored five different children during more than forty years association with our committee.

A relationship she has found enormously rewarding. Some sponsors are groups of friends who contribute together, with one of the group taking responsibility as co-ordinator. We have churches who “adopt” a child giving a personal link to the reality of third world poverty. The personal connection with the child is often stated as their reason for supporting our work.

Sponsor A Child

The UK Committee currently pays for the education, board and lodgings of about 250 children at Dr Graham’s Homes. We do this principally by a sponsorship scheme now 100 years old. Our sponsorship scheme is a particularly personal one. Sponsors are encouraged to correspond with the children, who respond with their own letters. Each Christmas, sponsors receive a Christmas card, a current photograph and school report. Originally, our supported children all came from the Anglo-Indian community in and around Calcutta.

Today, the children we help are not all Anglo-Indian but all are in desperate need. Children are taken in as young as a few weeks old and most will stay to complete their secondary education in Kalimpong. Beyond this, we give careers advice and for the more able, support through further education colleges. We have a Sponsorship Secretary based in Scotland who facilitates all of the correspondence and a Sponsorship Office in the Homes which looks after the particular needs of our children. We always need new sponsors. Please consider helping us.

Other Ways You Can Help

Consider coming on board as a “correspondent” helping us keep that so important personal connection with a child. This involves no financial commitment. If our personal sponsorship scheme is not for you then do consider making a general donation. Many businesses include us in their charitable giving. Many churches allocate a special offering to our work. Please consider us when writing your will.

Every year, we are so thankful, when donations from all of these sources enable us to meet our commitment to the future of these children.

How Our Sponsor Scheme Works

You Can Help Now By Becoming A Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor then please contact Ian and Anji our sponsorship secretaries for further information.

Ian and Anji Russell

Phone: 01483 272108

Your support will make a real difference to the children of Dr. Graham’s Homes